Fused By Jacki
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Jacki Cohen
Fused Glass Artist

Artist’s Statement

The art of fused glass has been a passion for Jacki Cohen for the past ten years. Jacki is inspired by bright colors and abstract designs and shapes. She combines these elements in every handmade piece she creates. Jacki views the purpose of art as a delight to the senses, a piece of beauty that makes one feel good. Varied hues, vibrant shades and vivid tones ignite her enthusiasm for glass. Detail and texture play a big role in her custom designs. Jacki’s most successful and preferred method is creating a custom designed piece for a client. She creates functional and decorative contemporary home décor including cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. She also has a special collection of Judaica artwork.

Jacki has learned her skill through extensive study under glass masters. In addition, she is constantly continuing her education in the field.Fused and kiln formed glass describe glass that is heated above 1200 degrees , it becomes soft and easy to manipulate. Fusing glass method initially involves cutting large sheets of glass and then layering multiple pieces to create the design. Fusing glass is a technique in which glass is fired in a kiln at different temperature ranges to create varying outcomes. Firing at higher temperature will create a full fuse, firing at lower ranges produces a slumping effect, and firing in the middle range is considered a tack fuse. All of these techniques can be applied to one glass piece in separate firings to add depth, relief and shape.

Jacki lives in Scottsdale, AZ with her husband and two children.

20701 N. Scottsdale Road Ste 107-507
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

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