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I am an early riser starting my day by 5:00am.  I exercise first thing to start my day energized and happy.  I workout with a personal trainer at the gym 3 times a week doing weight training and HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts.  I hike the beautiful Arizona mountains 2-3 times a week at sunrise.   I am one of those people who gets endorphins from working out so it’s key for me, as a creative, to make sure my body and mind are active every day. On the commute home from the gym and/or mountain, I talk to my son who lives 2 time zones away and the timing is always perfect before he starts his day, as a graduate school student.  I have two adult children and a new daughter-in-law who also energize my life and keeping up with them is another way I am constantly inspired.

I am in my studio Monday-Friday and keep regular hours.    

In order for me to be productive, I must be disciplined to my studio hours.  I am most creative in the morning, so I create early in the day to mid-afternoon. I save my administrative duties for later afternoon such as taking photos of my art, updating my website, answering emails, submitting “calls to art”.  I answer my social media engagements throughout the day because I realize timing is of the essence on that platform.  When one of my social media sites sends me a notification, I strive to respond quickly.  I understand the value of efficient and timely responses so my clients and potential clients can count on getting a hold of me when they need me. 

During the holiday season, it is not uncommon for me to work on my art every day.  I try to assign one day a week for all my appointments, client meetings, and personal agenda items. That way, whenever I’m in my studio, I can be100% present which allows me to really explore my creativity and expand my artistic horizons. If my week has unexpected days away from my studio, I will make up that studio time on the weekends.    

Again, I devote the same discipline and commitment to my art as I would for any other professional venture. Sometimes it can be challenging for people who work for themselves to not get distracted. I like having scheduled studio hours to keep me focused and on-track.

I have a home studio that is self -contained with its own entrance in North Scottsdale, Arizona.  I find that for me to be productive and keep up with demand, I must have a home studio.  With fused glass, it is key to check the kiln for the temperature to know when to open and when to change the fusing schedule.   I can only envision doing that with my kilns close by.  A home studio enables me to switch the loads anytime. 

I create fused glass functional and decorative glass art. I make bowls, plates, vessels to be used as functional and/or decorative pieces.  My signature work is primarily bright, abstract, colorful, and contemporary.   I work in collections so there are different pieces that all embody the same theme, although no two pieces are ever the same.  I create custom wall panel installations for home and office.  These wall panels can be a single piece or a multi panel installation.  My largest installation to date is an 11- piece public art installation, and my largest single piece is an 8 foot long glass wall which was commissioned for a doctor’s office.   I offer a huge Judaica collection for contemporary Jewish ritual objects as well as plenty of iconic Christian and Christmas art pieces.

My favorite part of creating art is experiencing that magic moment when someone connects with a piece of my art.   I receive such pleasure when my work brings a smile to someone’s face. I want my art to find it’s forever home and for the owners to smile every time they walk by it.   My goal is to have my art create a small sphere of happiness in someone’s home or office, or to be the perfect gift. I also love doing commissions. Creating custom work allows me to really get to know someone so we can create the perfect piece.  

I love what I do and I know how fortunate I am to have my passion for my career.  I When I am working in my studio, I will get so involved that time stands still.  It is this energy and enthusiasm that sets my art apart.  My passion for color, design and beauty, along with the stories and circumstances that inspire the art is what truly seems to connect with customers. It’s that excitement and vibrancy that truly fuel my soul. 

I am inspired by life, nature, mountains, and the ocean. Early morning hikes alone with my music spark so many new ideas and bold art collections. Time to be silent and in the moment, allows me the freedom to create. I am also inspired by everyday objects; a restaurant menu or fashion can inspire me to create my next collection. I translate the world into glass

I want my work to invoke happiness, joy, and pleasure. My hope is that my glass art brings a smile and helps make someone’s day a little brighter, both literally and figuratively. I want my art to be enjoyed and bring inspiration – inspiration to believe in oneself and one’s dreams.

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